Average Blood Pressure Levels

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A person’s blood pressure is important for keeping oxygen and blood circulating throughout their body. When a person’s pressure is too high (hypertension) their body cannot receive enough oxygen and nutrients and will quickly stop functioning.

If a person’s pressure is on the low side; they will also lack important elements that are essential for life. What is the average blood pressure level? The following material will explain average blood pressure levels and what a person and their doctors can do to maintain these levels.

The Average Level of a Blood Pressure Chart

Blood pressure readings have two numbers. These numbers are important for figuring out how a person’s heart is pumping blood throughout their body. Blood pressure numbers are usually displayed in the following way: 130/80mHg.

blood-pressure-levelThe top number (130) is known as the systolic blood pressure. This is the highest pressure when your beat and pushes the blood around your body. This number usually goes when people are stressed or excited.
The bottom number (80) is the diastolic reading. This is the lowest pressure for a person’s heart when it relaxes between beats. This number usually increases when a person is in danger or performs a lot of physical work.

The blood pressure chart that is listed below displays various blood pressure ranges that a person can have. These ranges include low, high and healthy readings. By the way the high blood pressure levels do not change as a person ages. Here are the readings:

(Top Number: Systolic) (Bottom Number: Diastolic) Reading

  1. Below 120 Below 80 Normal blood pressure
  2. Between 120-139 Between 80-89 Prehypertension
  3. Between 140-159 Between 90-99 Stage 1 hypertension
  4. At 160 or higher 100 or higher Stage 2 hypertension

As you can see, the lower numbers are the best type to have when it comes to blood pressure. However, you dot want to experience a blood pressure that is too low. This would be an indication that your heart is not effectively moving your blood through your body.

Keep in mind that you might need to make some adjustments to your lifestyle to get your blood pressure close to a normal level. Performing actions such as eating a healthy diet, exercising and taking blood pressure medication can help a person to lower their pressure.

What is a good blood pressure monitor?

BPMonitorAdvisor recommends that people who are under 60 years of age to keep their blood pressure at or below a 140/90mm Hg reading. They also say it is important for adults 60 and older to have less than 150/90mm Hg. It is important for people to keep their pressure under control because of the risk of heart attack, stroke and cardiovascular disease.