How To Use A Pregnancy Wedge Pillow

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Pregnancy is an exciting—yet sometimes uncomfortable!—experience. Each How To Use A Pregnancy Wedge Pillowtrimester brings new challenges and a big one faced by soon-to-be-moms is dealing with an expanding belly, especially while trying to sleep. A pregnancy pillow is a great option for burgeoning mothers: they offer a solution to the tossing and turning at night as well as providing a level of comfort to new moms. While there are many different styles of pregnancy pillows, a common pillow used is a pregnancy wedge pillow How to Use A pregnancy wedge pillow is a pillow that is both cheap and practical. It is used to prop or wedge something, whether it be a body or another pillow. Moms can use the wedge pillow in a variety of position and ways. A popular one is under-the-tummy, where the wedge pillow would go underneath the growing belly to provide support. The sleeper can lay on their sides and place the pillow between their belly and the bed. A wedge pillow can also be used behind a back: it will force the sleeper to sleep on their side. It can also be used underneath a regular pillow to elevate the sleeper’s head. To use, simply place the wedge pillow in the desired position and use it to reach optimal comfort levels. Wedge pillows can even be used to help hold a warm water bottle against an uncomfortable belly. The best way to utilize a wedge pillow is to place it somewhere that provides the most comfort for you; the suggested places are just that—suggestions! These smaller pillows are also very portable. Wedge pillows are easy and can be modified to be used in a variety of different ways to comfort the sleeper. While the aforementioned tactics are recommended for pregnant women using a wedge pillow, it can also be used post-birth for mundane things such as propping oneself up. The wedge pillow offers versatile comfort and proves its worth long after the baby is born.