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Technology permeates all aspects of our daily lives, including stress relief. There are plenty of devices out there to help you deal with the tension, which is great because going to a professional masseuse or to the gym isn’t always possible. Now you can get a lot of therapeutic gadgets, and one of the best is called ExoGun.

Let’s see how this can help your body.

Benefits of ExoGun

ExoGun is a revolutionary massager with excellent capabilities. Here is what it brings:

Percussion massage

Many devices offer therapeutic massage, but ExoGun does not offer regular treatment. It makes the so-called percussion massage a revolutionary technique for relieving stress. It is mainly used in sports, quickly impacting your muscles to reduce tension and facilitate blood circulation.

The method has been compared to Thai massage, but it is much faster. Performing it takes less than 60 seconds and you don’t need any extra hands to do it.

With four massage heads and six speed settings, ExoGun quickly hits your muscles over 30 times per second. It provides extra blood to quickly reduce pain. In addition to a quick rejuvenation procedure, you can also switch to a slow and relaxing massage.

Regardless of the method chosen, ExoGun percussion therapy has enormous health benefits:

exogun used on the leg

  • Release Knots and Tension – Tangled muscles can be extremely uncomfortable, causing tension when moving in a certain way. This condition is triggered by not enough blood reaching your muscles, which is where percussion massage comes in. It distributes blood to muscles and smoothes knots, relieving pain and restoring muscle function.
  • Improve circulation – When muscles are contracted, blood cannot circulate properly. This causes several health problems, preventing oxygen and vital nutrients from reaching their destination. ExoGun regulates blood flow by opening blood vessels, which can increase your energy level.
  • Greater flexibility – Less tension in your muscles translates into a greater range of motion. With ExoGun, you can solve a variety of mobility issues, including the inability to turn your head fully in one direction and sway your hips.
  • Improves Mood – People who have percussion massage often feel euphoric after treatment. With extra energy and invigorated muscles, the method can lift your spirits and help you get through the day.
  • Improved posture – ExoGun percussion massage promotes joint and muscle health to maintain good posture. It helps keep your bones in good condition, supports balance, and treats pain throughout the body.

Ergonomic handle and easy controls

exogun in hand

ExoGun comes with non-slip materials that won’t move up and down in your hand. They also exhibit shock absorbing properties, dispersing blows without harming your grip. As a result, you can operate the device with great precision, which allows you to tackle the affected area more effectively.

In addition, there are simple controls to facilitate its user-friendly design. Anyone can turn on and use the gadget, whether they are tech-savvy or not.

Extremely portable and quiet

woman holding exogun

ExoGun does not require any special equipment to light up. The device is wireless and can fit virtually any backpack or bag. It also comes with a carrying case, which means you can use it at the park, the gym, or at work. In addition, the battery can last up to a month and its quiet operation does not annoy others.

Treat Sore Muscles with ExoGun

Today’s hectic pace of life puts enormous strain on your whole body. ExoGun can help you solve this problem with its revolutionary deep tissue massage. Using percussion therapy, it releases knots, improves blood circulation, and gives your muscles plenty of energy for the rest of the day. The model is also user-friendly, with an ergonomic grip and simple controls to ensure smooth use. For more details on this product, visit www.exogun.com.

man using exogun

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