A puppy “given away like a football” in Limerick

An animal welfare charity intervened after reports that a young puppy was “given away like a soccer ball” in the Mayorstone district of Limerick city.

Limerick Animal Welfare received two reports of abuse and volunteers searched the area before finding the animal in distress against a wall.

Volunteers contacted Gardaí at Mayorstone Garda station to report the incident and the animal was admitted for medical treatment at a veterinary clinic.

The puppy is said to have had a fractured skull. Image: Limerick Animal Welfare

The dog was seriously injured with what is believed to be a fractured skull and broken jaw after suffering what the charity called “unimaginable cruelty.”

The puppy, less than 10 weeks old, is still receiving veterinary care after Thursday’s horrific incident.

No one came to claim the animal despite Limerick Animal Welfare leaving a note at the scene.

Speaking to Irish ExaminerMarion Fitzgibbon, director and president of Limerick Animal Welfare, said the incident is one of many cases of abuse that are becoming increasingly common in the region.

“These cases of utter senseless cruelty are really on the increase. It’s worrying to see young people, young children, acting this way,” said Ms. Fitzgibbon.

Dennis is currently receiving treatment at a veterinary clinic.  Image: Limerick Animal Rescue
Dennis is currently receiving treatment at a veterinary clinic. Image: Limerick Animal Rescue

She said an increasing number of animals are being turned over to animal rescue as people return to the workplace.

Breeding dogs are also being abandoned as demand for puppies declines following the lifting of Covid restrictions.

She added that anti-social behavior contributes to the increase in the level of animal abuse in the region.

“It’s very disturbing, there is a lot of neglect and a lot of cruelty, a lot of dogs are returned because of people returning to work,” she said.

The association is currently working to find homes for 80 to 90 dogs and 100 or more kittens, but said local support has remained strong.

There are health concerns for the abused puppy named Dennis due to his young age, but the association remains hopeful.

Donations to support the work of the association can be made to limerickanimalwelfare.com

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