All the proofs of Quantic Dream’s Star Wars game

Since Disney started releasing more Star wars films in 2015, there was an increase Star wars Games. As such, there have been a lot of rumors regarding new Star wars games in recent months. However, the latest leaks suggest that quantum dream, the studio responsible for making titles like Heavy rain, Beyond two souls, and Detroit: become human, working on a Star wars Title. This rumor comes as a shock, as the developer seems like an odd choice for a Star wars game based on its past development history. While it has certainly been around for a while, Quantic Dream has never worked with an established IP address before, and Star wars seems like a pretty big starting point.

There isn’t much evidence to suggest the studio is working on a Star wars game, which means Quantic Dream and IP fans should take all news and rumors with a huge grain of salt. That’s not to say it’s entirely untrue, but that the rumor is far from being confirmed. The list of evidence is short, but if more is released soon, it could build a stronger case to cement the game’s existence.

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The initial rumor of the quantum dream / Star Wars

Quantum Dream Leak Rumor in Star Wars

The whole reason everyone speculates on a quantum dream Star wars game in the first place is because a reputable leaker tweeted a photo of an android from Detroit: become human with two lightsabers in front of him. The photo lacked caption or other context, but the poster liked comments that speculated on a quantum dream Star wars Title. Leaks manager Tom Henderson then clarified that a source told him the game has been in development for more than 18 months.

There is still nothing to corroborate this information, but Henderson seems to have doubled down on the idea. He tweeted yesterday that Quantic Dream is gearing up for a trailer but is awaiting Disney approval. In the same tweet, he claims the studio is using Unit Image, an established animation studio with a lot of previous work in games, to make the teaser.

That’s the extent of what Henderson had to say about the title so far. While the complaints came in fairly quickly over the past week, the information actually came from French YouTuber Gautoz, who made a video telling a similar story about the studio. While Gautoz’s video was posted first, rumors really started to spread once Henderson tweeted. Henderson and Gautoz both appear to be promising something will happen soon, but fans may just have to wait for an official announcement to be sure.

What is the quantum dream for


So far, the French studio has said nothing about the rumors linking it to Star wars. Based on current speculation, it might make sense that a Star wars game is in the works, as the studio’s exclusive deal with Sony ended with the release of Detroit: become human. In addition, EA will no longer have exclusive publishing rights for all Star wars titles from 2023, which opens the door to the release of a Quantic Dream title thereafter. The studio told IGN in February it was working on something new that will use storytelling devices it “hasn’t tried yet,” but didn’t mention anything about it. Star wars. The new project was also mentioned in a recent leak from Nvidia, under the mysterious name of “project QD next”. At the end of the day it seems like quantum dream is working on something new, but there is still nothing concrete to confirm that his game is set in a galaxy far, far away.

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Quantum Dream Leak Rumor in Star Wars
Rumor: Quantic Dream Star Wars game has been in the works for 18 months

The leaker who teased the Star Wars game developed by Quantic Dream doubles, adding some details about how long it was in development.

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