Boebert used campaign funds for rent and utilities in violation of the law

representing Lauren BoebertThe Lauren BoebertWatchdog group is seeking an ethical investigation into McCarthy’s comments on January 6. (R-Colo.) Used campaign funds for rent and utilities, according to a new case filed with the Federal Election Commission (FEC).

The file, submitted to the FEC on Tuesday, revealed that Boebert reimbursed the campaign for $ 6,650 in rent and utility payments that had been billed to the campaign through Venmo in error.

The record shows that four rent and utility payments – two priced at $ 2,000 and the others at $ 1,325 each – were amended to reflect payments of the same amount, description and same days to John Pachecho.

According to The Denver Post, which first reported on Boebert’s payments, Pachecho’s address is the same as Shooters Grill in Rifle, which is owned by Boebert.

The relationship between Boebert and Pachecho was not immediately clear, the Post noted.

Jake Settle, Boebert’s press secretary, told The Hill that the MP mistakenly paid for personal expenses with the campaign account, then quickly paid off the account.

He also said the congresswoman self-reported the error.

The questionable case was first uncovered in the July campaign finance report of the “Lauren Boebert for Congress” committee, according to the Post. Payments made to Venmo were described as “Lauren Boebert’s personal expenses billed to the campaign account in error. The expenses were reimbursed.

The FEC had asked Boebert’s campaign why it had sent him $ 6,650 through Venmo in four different transactions on May 3 and June 3. The campaign said the payments were made in error and were refunded.

The following month, when FEC officials asked the campaign for more information about the error, Boebert spokesman Jake Settle told Forbes he would describe the payments as “personal expenses.” .

However, Shannon Ringgold, the FEC’s senior campaign finance analyst, wrote to Boebert’s campaign in August that if the payments were “a personal use of campaign funds, the Commission might consider taking legal action. “.

“However, swift action to obtain reimbursement of the funds in question will be taken into consideration,” she added.

In the dossier submitted Tuesday, Boebert’s campaign again stated that the expenses had been reimbursed and would be reported by the campaign in October.

The revelation that Boebert used campaign funds to pay rent and utilities comes after her August financial disclosure showed her husband Jayson Boebert received $ 478,000 from Terra Energy Productions last year for “counseling services”, which she did not report during her campaign.

He also received $ 460,000 from the same company in 2019.

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