Help the PAWS with three cubs

San Andreas, Calif .– Three orphaned cubs have a new, albeit temporary, home at the Performing Animal Welfare Society or PAWS San Andreas San Andreas.

The California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) has received reports of three bears wandering near humans, without their mothers. PAWS officials noted this was unusual because cubs “naturally stay with their mothers for about two years, learning important survival skills.”

Fearing the cubs were too young to survive on their own, state wildlife officials decided to capture them. Once rescued, state wildlife officials turned to PAWS for help. The sanctuary has agreed to house the bears until they can be transferred to another facility and eventually released into the wild. PAWS also noted that giving the cubs a temporary home freed up space at a CDFW facility to accommodate other bears in need, possibly those who were injured or burned in the wildfires. disastrous of this year.

Wanting the little ones to have the best chance of survival as wild bears, PAWS says its staff take all necessary precautions to prevent cubs from getting used to humans. To enable this, the Bob Barker Bear Habitat at ARK 2000 has become their new home. Filled with oak trees and native grasses, it provides a peaceful setting away from most human activity they need, PAWS officials say.

Unfortunately, the cost of housing the bears is not cheap and the sanctuary “does not receive any government funding for situations like this, nor for any of the rescues we undertake,” according to sanctuary officials. For this reason, they are now turning to the public, asking for donations to help not only the cubs but also future animal rescues. Click on here make a donation.

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