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Reports on the entertainment industry are surreal; it requires shopping around and doing business with what the average person only considers fun; it asks you to sit down and dig into the minds of all kinds of creatives, from on-screen talent to post-production geniuses, writers, directors, editors and everyone in between. of them.

What readers don’t always realize is that journalists have favorites, not necessarily when it comes to individuals, but when it comes to talking to people who have certain jobs. I find it easier to talk to writers. They know the method behind the madness (if there is one) because they were there to create both. Others prefer actors, knowing that a production often lives and dies from the quality of its performers and their ability to portray characters worth investing in. Still others love the Craftsmen, who work tirelessly behind the scenes to build a rich tapestry of a universe where, otherwise, it could be a bunch of lying aliens.

Maybe that’s why it’s such a gift every time we talk to Pamela Adlon. The Cosmic Mother of the Perfect FX Jewel of a “Better Things” TV Show is more than just the showrunner and creator, writer and executive producer, director and ding-dang star of the series, she is its very soul.

“Better Things” and Adlon have always been special, but their special charms have never been so vital as this year. With Season 4 bowing on March 5 and ending on April 30, the series delivered its warmth and humanity to a world that needed it more desperately than ever. When FX announced the show’s resumption for a fifth season at the end of May, it was a huge relief to fans and critics alike.

Adlon, author, All Women and Emergency Mom for Everyone Nearby, “stopped in” to chat on IndieWire’s “Millions of Screens” TV podcast about the show’s fourth season, including the spectacular finale of the season, as well as all the other topics under the sun. Or, more precisely, in the rain.

For more on the movie bunny holes Adlon went through during his months of lockdown, be sure to check out this “Millions of Screens” episode of the week with TV Awards Editor-in-Chief Libby Hill, Associate TV Editor Ben Travers, creative producer Leo Garcia and, of course, special guest Pamela Adlon. As is the new norm, this week’s episode was recorded from the comfort of their respective Los Angeles area apartments, and we are once again offering viewers a delicious video version of the podcast, as embedded above. . Look for a special conversation about the role of Adlon in a Quentin Tarantino parody film titled “Plump Fiction”, with Libby accidentally revealing how she celebrates happy hour – which ended up turning into a compelling look at the episode of the season 4 “High Man”. Bye Man “, and more” Sgt. Bilko “which you can use with a stick.

Plus, share the fun of the crew with the renewal of ‘Better Things’, in addition to the shocking Season 2 Adult Swim cover of Netflix’s former property ‘Tuca & Bertie’ – news so unexpectedly she looks like an absolute gift. Also enjoy a quick conversation about Quibi’s latest doomed business.

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This episode of “Millions of Screens” was produced by Leonardo Adrian Garcia.

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