Specialized pharmacies cater for the blind and visually impaired

In an editorial last fall, Penny Rosenblum, the foundation’s former research director, described one such barrier: “Drive-thru and curbside collection are discriminatory,” she wrote. “It doesn’t work for people with vision loss. Communities need to have alternative plans, whether it’s porch, walk-in, or bicycle delivery. “

DeAnna Quietwater Noriega, a writer and full-time caregiver for her husband, Curtis, gets the couple’s prescriptions and all the other drugstore items they need hand-delivered to their front door by D&H Drugstore in Columbia, Missouri Ms. Noriega, 73, was born with glaucoma and has been blind since the age of 8.

“They know us by name and always treat us with respect and friendliness,” she said of her independent pharmacy. “They go the extra mile to make sure our medications are compatible with each other and fight on our behalf if our insurance company balks at the medication prescribed by our doctors.”

Ms. Noriega’s medications come with ScripTalk labels that she reads on her iPhone. Previously, she filled their prescriptions through Walmart. But the problem, she said, was that the couple were never told when the refills were over until they showed up at the pharmacy. “We were expected to read the very fine print on the label,” she said.

Many independent pharmacies offer personalized services including home delivery to meet customer needs. Large drugstore chains also offer home delivery to many locations. In recent years, drugstore chains have become a little more accessible, in part because of lawsuits and negotiations by advocacy organizations like the American Council of the Blind.

But finding a pharmacy with a full menu of solutions accessible under one roof has been elusive. Last summer, CVS Health, which offers ScripTalk through its website, added a feature to its app called SpokenRx that can scan labels and read the prescription aloud, which the company says is now available in 10 months. 000 stores.

Walmart also offers ScripTalk at nearly 1,800 Walmart and Sam’s Clubs locations. And there have been other deals made with Walgreens to offer their Talking Pill Reminder for free. Eric Bridges, executive director of the board, said they had yet to contact Amazon Pharmacy.

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