UW System Scholarship $ 70,000 Lottery Campaign

The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee hopes to have at least 70% of its students vaccinated against COVID-19 by mid-October.

Many universities across the country, including Marquette University, require students to be fully immunized. At UW-Milwaukee, the bustling campus again, they hope the money will entice students instead.

“Even though I attended all of my classes last year, I didn’t make a single friend last year at UWM. Now I talk to people all day,” Sarah Meadows said, a junior from UW-Milwaukee. “I transferred after my freshman year at UWM, and the whole of last year was online, and even though we live only 20 minutes away, we’ve never been to campus.”

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The UW system hopes to keep students in person throughout the year. UW System President Tommy Thompson thinks the key is vaccinations.

The UW System is running the ’70 for 70′ campaign. If 70% of a campus in the UW system, except UW-Madison, is vaccinated by mid-October, all students will enter a lottery to win one of 70 scholarships of 70,000 $.

“We just think it’s a much better way because mandatory vaccination is something sometimes, you know, feels like maybe it’s too heavy and so on,” Thompson said.

Meadows said she was already vaccinated and hopes her classmates understand what’s at stake.

“I know everyone wants to stay in person. I just wish everyone had their shots already because I can’t get back online,” Meadows said.

Thompson said they should know by the end of the week where each campus is. The UW system always collects immunization data from students.

If after the campaign the numbers are not where they should be, Thompson has said he will reconsider a possible term. He continues to argue that the UW system does not need to submit COVID-19 protocols to the state legislature for approval; while lawsuits were threatened, none were filed.

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