Why these new South African Burger King menu items are so important

Burger King South Africa website has a warning for strict vegans, and even vegetarians, regarding its herbal Whopper. Meatless patties are cooked on the same grill as beef patties, so there’s bound to be juicy cross-contamination. Additionally, the mayonnaise that comes with the Herbal Whopper is regular, egg and dairy based mayonnaise.

In contrast, the Vegan Royale sandwich adjacent to chicken and the Vegan Nuggets tick all of your vegan boxes. Both are cooked in dedicated deep fryers that never see any animal products. The Vegan Royale also comes with a special vegan mayonnaise. (If you’re in a Burger King in South Africa and really want to try the Plant-Based Whopper, it can’t hurt to ask employees if they can substitute for the Vegan Royale Mayo.) The new three items at Burger King South Africa is certified vegan by the European V-Label program, according to VegNews.

Whether or not plant-based fast food is suitable for all vegans or not, environmentalists and animal welfare advocates say the industry’s drive to offer vegan options is a good thing overall. Impossible meat, for example, uses 87% less water and emits 89% less greenhouse gases than beef, according to Plant news. Animal welfare New Mexico said vegans should appreciate what the fast food industry is doing to make vegan options more convenient for everyone. After all, no animals were harmed in the making of BK South Africa’s Herbal Whopper (Holding Mayonnaise), Vegan Royale or Vegan Nuggets.

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